Hrafn: Winter Gin 2019 Review

Sometimes you just click with folk…  There’s something about they way they chat to you and their general approach that you just get…  That’s how I feel about the wonderful gents from Hrafn. Not only are these two guys some of the nicest people I’ve come across in gin but they create some absolutely wonderful... Continue Reading →

The 12 Gins Of Christmas

So clearly I enjoy gin...  I don't think anyone is going to argue with that. Previously it was really just gin and tonic, right?  But these last twelve months have been something of a gin adventure for me.  I started dabbling in cocktails and "gin-based" drinks and have been really rather enjoying it. It all... Continue Reading →

Personalised Beer Label Review

I'm going all out with this review and dabbling back into beer...  I know what you're thinking - "I forgot you did beer"...  Or "I wondered why you had beer in your name"... etc Anyway, enough of your nonsense...  A while back I spoke with Stuart from Personalised Bottle Labels and he asked me if... Continue Reading →

Boadicea Q&A

Hi... It's me...  Nic. Now that we're done with the pleasantries let me smack you round the chops with a Q&A with the wonderful folk behind Boadicea Gin...  Which, you may recall, I reviewed recently (find it here... by clicking this sentence) and, spoiler alert, it was the height of delicious.... Now I need you... Continue Reading →

Boadicea Gin Review

There are some things in life that attract my attention... One is a smart looking bottle of gin and another is words that I can't pronounce. Luckily for the good people at Wild Knight, Boadicea has both of these (boh-ad-uh-see-uh according to but, honestly there was about four thousand versions). I was away feeling... Continue Reading →

Eden Mill Blendworks – Glasgow

So I enjoy gin...  Like, I really really enjoy gin...  Just a little tit bit for those visiting this blog for the first time. I started with drinking gin...  Then I moved on to social media-ing about gin...  Writing about it...  I then dabbled with flavouring gin last year...  So, to me, it seems the... Continue Reading →


Well... Time for something a little bit different. If I think back a few years I can put my hand on my heart and say with total honesty that I HATED beer... With everything in my body. But then my only experience of it was the old timey stuff my dad used to drink that... Continue Reading →

What is Scottish Gin?

So a while back (the start of the year... A veeeeeeery long time ago to be fair) I messaged a few folk on Twitter hunting for opinions on a couple of subjects... One question I posed to these lucky people was "What makes a Scottish Gin?"... I then realised that some folk forgot and RE-MESSAGED... Continue Reading →

GinFall Festival Review

So back in June/July last year I went to my first gin festival - the Social and Cocktail GinFall Festival. I was dabbling in Twitter and Instagram but didn't have a blog or anything. I think I posted my spoils of the day but other than that didn't make much mention of it... Even though... Continue Reading →

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