What is Scottish Gin?

So a while back (the start of the year... A veeeeeeery long time ago to be fair) I messaged a few folk on Twitter hunting for opinions on a couple of subjects... One question I posed to these lucky people was "What makes a Scottish Gin?"... I then realised that some folk forgot and RE-MESSAGED... Continue Reading →

GinFall Festival Review

So back in June/July last year I went to my first gin festival - the Social and Cocktail GinFall Festival. I was dabbling in Twitter and Instagram but didn't have a blog or anything. I think I posted my spoils of the day but other than that didn't make much mention of it... Even though... Continue Reading →

New Review “Policy”

Ok so I'm mid review and just waiting on the additional details coming back to me and figured I'd put forth my updated review "policy". Essentially up to this point I had been treating all reviews equally which, in all honesty, is a little unfair.  Brands that kindly sent me their gins for the purposes... Continue Reading →

My Gin Shelf

I've often been asked what other gins I have that I don't regularly feature, review or photograph so, in order to answer that question, I wrote up the contents of my gin shelf... To be fair I often wonder what other gins the people I follow on social media have aswell and do quite like... Continue Reading →

Taking a Moment

This might seem a bit odd...  Especially for a blog about gin and beer but I want you to bear with me. I sometimes feel that we move fast...  Too fast.  We often don't stop to think, or feel or even really realise what's going on half the time.  We struggle through things and we... Continue Reading →

Q&A With Brentingby Bruce

Photo credit Sean Graham So... A couple of weeks ago I spoke with Brentingby Bruce (henceforth referred to as "Bruce") and mentioned to him I was going to review his gin and asked him if I could email him some questions to clarify a few points. Of course he said that this was not a... Continue Reading →

Brentingby Dry Gin Review

You know that way you take up gin drinking, right? Then about a year later you join social media and start posting about gin? And you know that way certain things stick out when you're scrolling through your timelines and really catch you eye? Well... That's Brentingby. I flirted outRAGEOUSLY with Brentingby on social media...... Continue Reading →

Garden Shed Gin Review

I'm sitting in my garden on this, the last day of my three weeks annual leave from work.  It's a stunningly beautiful, warm day - provided the sun stays out.  I'm typing this up because I got bored waiting for the other half to build the fire (badly and with little success at this point,... Continue Reading →

Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Review

So...  It's been a while...  How've you been?  You're looking well. I know what you're thinking...  The internet and blogging world has seemed a little emptier of late...  Unfortunately life got in the way and I wasn't able to devote any time to fire up some of my quality musings. I'm kicking off my reviews... Continue Reading →

Pre-Mixed G&Ts… Bin Or Buy?

If you bounce on a train on a Saturday after 11am you see loads of folk sat drinking from various cans and bottles.  In the last year or so I've noticed that, among the beers and ciders...  and Buckfast (because Scotland)...  there has been an increase in the amount of people consuming gin and tonic... Continue Reading →

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