Zeiver Payday Purchase Review

Much like in our day-to-day lives, we have a certain expectation of gin and what it is, how it tastes, whats in it etc…  However…  At this exact moment we are living during a time where nothing is as we expect it to be…  People have been prevented from going to work…  The bars, restaurants... Continue Reading →

Corona Support Info Post

So yesterday I put up a video talking about my intention for showing some support to the gin industry for all their efforts in supporting frontline workers and vulnerable folk within their local communities. I had quite a few messages from brands saying they were also making sanitiser or doing x, y, or z.  I... Continue Reading →

Mackintosh Payday Purchase Review

Cast your mind back to a couple of years ago…  Before I had a Twitter… Heartbreaking, right?...  I know it seems like I’ve been floating about talking nonsense for a long time…  But I haven’t...  Not on social media anyway... Anyway…  Bring your memories a little further forward to September 2018.  A new gin was... Continue Reading →

Top Gins of 2019

Hello... You've caught me looking back at all the gins I've really really enjoyed this last year and it reminded me that last year I decided to fire up a nice easy blog that I could whip up in jig time so I decided to crack on and round up my year of top gins...... Continue Reading →

Hrafn: Winter Gin 2019 Review

Sometimes you just click with folk…  There’s something about they way they chat to you and their general approach that you just get…  That’s how I feel about the wonderful gents from Hrafn. Not only are these two guys some of the nicest people I’ve come across in gin but they create some absolutely wonderful... Continue Reading →

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