Personalised Beer Label Review

I’m going all out with this review and dabbling back into beer…  I know what you’re thinking –

“I forgot you did beer”…  Or “I wondered why you had beer in your name”… etc

Anyway, enough of your nonsense…  A while back I spoke with Stuart from Personalised Bottle Labels and he asked me if I’d review his label for him if he fired one in the post…  I said yes for a few reasons…

  1. I like beer
  2. I like things that are personalised and cool looking
  3. Why wouldn’t I?


So Stuart asked me what I wanted written on the bottle and I figured I’d have some fun with it…  He also told me he’d send it out in the fancy gold presentation gift box type dude.


But before I get into what I got let me talk you through what the options are…

Basically you can have anything written on your bottle…  (within reason!) and they have a few beer types on offer for your drinking pleasure;

  1. Heineken,
  2. Budweiser,
  3. Peroni,
  4. Stella,
  5. Becks,
  6. Guinness or
  7. Newcastle Brown Ale

SPOILER ALERT I chose Peroni!

It’s important to highlight that they don’t just do beer…  the other labels they personalise include cider, whisky, wine, champagne, rum and good old gin…  Among so many more!!!  The prices for the labels obviously vary so take a look at the website for which there will be a handy dandy link for riiiiiiiiiiiiight….

Here —> Personalised Bottle Labels

You’re welcome.


OK so I’m not reviewing the beer here because it’s Peroni…  If you drink beer or like beer it’s most probably you’ve tucked into a lovely Peroni at some point in your life.  This review is purely on the label and nothing more.

So what seems to happen is that your personalised label takes on the general aesthetic of the original label for the beer you order…  Which I like.

Stuart asked me what I wanted on my bottle…  So I told him what I wanted written and stressed that it HAD to be exactly as I had wrote it…  Reason being if it wasn’t it would make me look like a bit of a dick and it might not make sense…  In all honesty.

This is what I wanted:

Gin & Beer
World’s Best Blogger*


*Self Appointed


OK?  So its a bit of fun…  A bit silly…  A bit me….  Just for a laugh before anyone says anything about egos etc!!

I guess its time to let you see how it came out then, eh??


Unfortunately they missed out the wee * but I added it in myself because I’m a problem solver.

I like the general look of it and, having looked on the website, some other beers have slightly cooler labels so obviously the results will vary.  I was quite happy with mine when I saw it and I think the idea is quite good for that fun gift for someone you’re struggling to get a gift for.

There’s a couple of ways you could go about it….

Firstly the way mine was sent (which is with the personalised label already on the bottle of the drink requested).  This will cost about £12 and you’re getting a 500ml bottle of beer.  For other beverage prices and types have a gander at the website as there are ALOT!!  the labels only replace the main label…  The “rear” label with the ingredients, best before date alcohol unit info etc is still present.  The ABV is noted on both this rear label and the personalised one.

Oooooooooor they’ll simply make up the labels for you to stick to a pre-purchased bottle…  I can only imagine this will be quite tricky for some…  Not me though…  I have a strong history of football and WWF wrestling sticker albums so my sticker sticking level will be borederline pro.

Anyway enough about my ever-increasing skillset…  The cost of these labels is about £5.



OK so…  What are my thoughts?  Personally I genuinely like the idea…  Its a great novelty gift for someone and I could see it being used for leaving gifts, father’s/mother’s day presents or stocking fillers and other such similar gift types.

Would I pay £12 or so for the bottle pre-loaded with the label?  No…  Not personally.  I looked up the 500ml bottle of Peroni and you can pick it up for £2 in a supermarket so, for me that mark up is a little steep…  BUT for some of you that may have that disposable income (or suck at stickers as you’re not a total pro like me/didn’t waste your pocket money on sticker albums) then it’s a cool gift, as I said earlier.

Would I pick up the label and stick it to a bottle I bought myself?  Yeah I actually maybe would.  The look of the different brand labels are cool and you can tell the beer/brand it’s meant to be.

Delivery-wise mine arrived pretty quickly…  A couple of days after I finalised the personalisation to be precise.

The only thing I’d maybe point out is that communication between myself and them wasn’t great as I waited long periods for responses…  I don’t know if that would be replicated in their customer service experience but figured I give you guys all the info that I know so you can make your informed decision.

Give the website a look as the stuff is pretty cool and it’d make for a fairly unique gift for someone.

Unfortunately the review took a bit longer to get published than I’d hoped due to bereavements, response times and such…  But, you might argue, it could work out well as this is for sure a novelty gift…  AKA a secret Santa gift…  Not to put ideas in your head…

Anyway, as always, I hope you enjoyed the review and that I’ve brought something new to your life. 

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Nic x

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