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It’s me…  Nic.

Now that we’re done with the pleasantries let me smack you round the chops with a Q&A with the wonderful folk behind Boadicea Gin…  Which, you may recall, I reviewed recently (find it here… by clicking this sentence) and, spoiler alert, it was the height of delicious….

Now I need you to drop ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING and read this Q&A and get to know Matt and Steph and their wonderful brand a bit better….



Q. Why Boadicea? What does the name mean to you?
A. We thought long and hard about the name, and decided upon Boadicea, partly because of our location, just 5 minutes away from the old Iceni village, but also because she was such a strong character in history. And with so many gin brands available, we wanted to create a gin to really stand apart.

Q. Why make gin? Was it just a natural evolution from the Wild Knight Vodka?
A. Yes, we launched our Wild Knight English Vodka in a gin boom and were asked for a gin by our retailers. We use Wild Knight as our base before redistilling with botanicals to make our gin.

Q. How long did it take to perfect your recipe?
A. Many, many months of distilling with different botanicals, until we perfected out IWSC award-winning Boadicea Gin.

Q. How long does it take to create a batch of Boadicea and how many bottles come from each?
A. It depends on the gin expression, but it could take around 2 weeks before the batch is ready. We distil 300 litres at a time.

Q. What made you choose the botanicals you chose?
A. After months and months of research and testing, we decided to distil our gin as a London Dry gin (meaning nothing is added after distillation). The botanicals include juniper, oris root, coriander, 3 types of citrus, thyme and nettle. Yes, nettle, which we chose as this would have been used in Inceni times in drinks and food.

Q. The logo… Talk to me about that… What is it and what does it mean?
A. For our logo we wanted to recreate the icon of the Iceni tribe – the triple spiral or the triskele, which is an ancient symbol consisting of three interlocking spirals representing life, death and rebirth.

Q. That bottle design… Why the bold colours?
A. In Inceni times, Caesar the Roman invader, wrote that Britons ‘dye their bodies with woad which produces a blue colour’. So we decided to colour our bottles blue in a fitting tribute to Boadicea, head of the Iceni tribe.

Q. Can you sum up Boadicea/Wild Knight both as a brand and what it/they mean to you?
A. With Wild Knight English Vodka, we decided upon the name as we wanted to encapsulate a spirit of adventure and the heritage of England. Wild Knight sums up all the fun, enjoyment and traditional spirit that we wished to convey.

Q. You have several wonderful serves on your website for each spirit you offer… Who creates them and do you have any more in the pipeline?
A. We work with highly talented mixologists to create our serves, for example we recently held a gin and food pairing evening at The Ivy Norwich Brasserie and each cocktail was created by The Ivy. Boadicea Gin Classic is featured on their drinks menu in The Iceni Martini which is just delicious!

Q. You have some stunning sounding spirits out at the moment… What’s next for Wild Knight/Boadicea?
A. We are just about to launch our rather special Wild Knight Espresso Martini, which is delicious sipped neat over ice. We use Wild Knight English Vodka infused with cold brewed, single origin speciality coffee from the award-winning Guima Estate in Brazil.
We conducted a trial launch at The North Norfolk Food Festival at Holkham Hall recently and sold out in under 2 hours.

Q. How do you find being married and working together? Do you have separate roles within the company or is it a shared responsibility?
A. We have been working together for over 20 years and really enjoy it. We have different roles within the business but work very closely on all things. Even our two teenage daughters help with bottling and labelling – its a real family affair!

Q. What’s a fun fact about you guys/the brand that not a lot of people know?
A. Matt rides the fastest production bike in the world – the Hayabusa. Steph also rides and her bike was a Kawasaki ZXR400, which she recently sold to help fund the gin journey.


Q. Galaxy, Cadburys or Netsle?
A. Cadburys – rather partial to a chocolate button

Q. Favourite takeaway?
A. Chinese.

Q. Best pizza topping?
A. Cheese stuffed crust, with chicken and BBQ sauce

Q. Favourite way to drink gin?
A. So many different ways, but now it’s officially autumn, Boadicea Spiced with ginger ale, just delicious!

Q. Movie or TV show marathon?
A. Movie

Q. Top snack?
A. Avocado and poached egg

Q. Winter or summer?
A. Both, plus spring and autumn

Q. Sweet or savoury?
A. Savoury

Q. Favourite song?
A. Anything by Iron Maiden

Q. What would be your superpower?
A. Clearly distilling!


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