New Review “Policy”

Ok so I’m mid review and just waiting on the additional details coming back to me and figured I’d put forth my updated review “policy”.

Essentially up to this point I had been treating all reviews equally which, in all honesty, is a little unfair.  Brands that kindly sent me their gins for the purposes of a review were given the same review type/structure/level of info and detail as those I purchase myself…  Which isn’t really fair to the guys that are going to the bother of sending me the gin…  they need something more…  Whether I like the gin or not (I generally do in fairness).

So here’s my new plan…  If you send me a bottle of gin for the purposes of a review then you’ll get the full reviews you have been seeing on here with the background and links and all that jazz as well as the review itself…  Might even chuck in additional serves if it works well in other drinks.  I’ll also do the Q&A which is good fun.  the review and Q&A will be posted separately a few days apart.

If, however, it’s a gin from my collection then it’ll simply be the standard review that you generally see from most bloggers…  Ie chatting about the flavour profile, bottle aesthetic, price/value and the tasting stages (basically the part of the review titled “review” if you’re used to reading my write-ups) as well as a general summary.

This way the guys and girls that go to the trouble of sending me their gin get a bit more “bang for their buck” if you like.  My full reviews genuinely take me hours and hours to do and can be a lot to keep on top of.  They’re often written up and researched over the course of about a week (on top of full time employment).

This way will also make it very obvious when a gin has been “gifted” because transparency.

Hopefully this wee post comes across as intended and you all understand why I’ve made this change.




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