A few months ago I received a stunning, strikingly blue mini bottle in a gin box that I subscribed to. The colour made it really stand out from the other two little bottles in the box and grabbed my attention right off the bat.


The gin has quite an interesting story and goes back a good few years… Which, in this booming gin market, isn’t something you see that often. If a gin company has been about a while I just assume they’ll be kicking about a Tesco shelf somewhere readily accessible so I was surprised when I read that these guys have been in the game for 30 years.

Let me tell you a story… Once upon a time there was a fruit farm… The owners of said fruit farm, Penny and Edward Kain, began making fruity liqueurs as a side line, obviously! The actual gin recipe itself started life as a base for their sloe gin.

Fast forward a few years and Michael and Felicity took over their parents legacy. They then decided to perfect the actual gin recipe using the expertise of those around them… This was the birth of 6 O’Clock gin.

The gin is created in Kathleen the double sphere copper pot still. They say there is prolonged exposure to the copper during distillation and that only the “pure heart of each run makes the cut”. These two factors together create the experience that you enjoy each time you fill your glass.

The name comes from the family tradition of having a gin and tonic at 6 o’clock… Apparently they’re still at it today!

The botanicals used in 6 O’Clock gin are:

  • Juniper;
  • Corriander seed – compliments the juniper and adds a woody, rich flavour;
  • Dried orange peel – brings a marmalade character and sweetness… Apparently a key part to making the gin smooth;
  • Angelica root – earthy flavour with herbal bitterness;
  • Winter Savory – a Mediterranean herb from the rosemary and thyme family;
  • Dried orris root powder – brings a sweet, violet scent and binds/fixes aromas of the other botanicals holding them into the gin;
  • Elderflower – provides a floral aroma and some freshness.


ABV – 43%
Size – 70cl
RRP – £35.00

Website – 6 O’Clock Gin
Social media – 6 O’Clock Gin Twitter
6 O’Clock Gin Instagram

Based – Bristol, UK

So… What did I think?

For those new to the blog I have a strict review policy. For more info on this please have a look at my post outlining my intentions —> My Reviews.

So… Now that’s all cleared up lets get on with the review…

As always I tried the gin neat in the first instance. I noted that the initial hit was from juniper and that moved away and I was getting a good, punchy, citrus flavour. The taste I was left with was the earthy, woody notes…. They were subtle though.

The thing I noticed most though was that the gin was smooth as silk… Like, I’ve had some smooth gins before but this was probably right up there to be honest.

I then garnished it with a wedge of lemon and used 150ml of light tonic to top it up. I felt as a G&T this was a very enjoyable drink. The addition of the tonic, for me, highlighted the citrus notes which I really enjoyed. It felt light, fresh and was very easy to drink.


I believe you can tell from drinking this that they have a wealth of experience in the industry and clearly know their flavourings.

If you like juniper led, citrus gins I reckon you’ll really enjoy 6 O’Clock gin. The whole thing flaunts its quality from the beautiful, eye catching blue bottle to the delicious liquid IN the beautiful, eye catching bottle to the smoothness of that delicious liquid.

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Nic x

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