My Intro… A Do-Over

When I started my blog it asked me to type up a sample blog which ended up posted… I wasn’t too sure what to type so, I’ll be totally honest here, I typed up some random-y stuff and hoped for the best… I think it ended up being a kinda intro but not really.

I think it’s time to give you another, slightly more personal, post. I have ALOT of new followers on Twitter due to a competition and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can dazzle you all enough to keep a hold of you guys and gals after the competition has ended. I’d love for everyone to get into the content and enjoy what I’m trying to do.

My aim with this post is to give you some fun facts and to bridge the gap until the next “proper” post as it’s taking some time to write as I want the tone and facts to be correct.

So some quick facts about me:

  1. When I do something I go all in… I’m hoping the detail in the reviews and general posts hasn’t gone unnoticed and I want everyone to be aware that whatever the post is about a great deal of thought went into it…  Even this one…!
  2. I’m team Samsung over team Apple now.
  3. My favourite Christmas present this year is my Lego Disney Castle because its totally ridiculous and amazing.
  4. I’m 35 years old.
  5. I work full time… And then some.
  6. Until six months ago I couldn’t have bell peppers in my house because the smell drove me nuts…
  7. I have always adored gaming and love to relax with my Playstation…  Best gaming memories would be Metal Gear Solid because it literally changed the way you looked at games, Crash Bandicoot because it was the first I ever got, Resident Evil 2 because I literally knew it inside out I played it that much and the original top down GTA on PS1 because its incredible…  I still have it…  GOURANGA…  #ifyouknowyouknow.
  8. I go to the gym 5 times a week and do powerlifting along with some hypertrophy to burn off the crap I eat and drink.
  9. I am passionate about everything that I do and right now social media is high on my agenda with notes in my phone about blog ideas…. I obsess and it HAS to be right… I’m a big loser… I get excited about this stuff though.
  10. I ADORE love Island… Sorry.
  11. In the spirit of Shipwrecked being back I was “marooned” on a desert island in the Bahamas in a work competition from a former employer many moons ago whereby we competed in Shipwrecked/Survivor style challenges… I still have the T-Shirts.
  12. I have two rescue cats… Bailey and her son Oreo. Bailey was named for the Bailey family from It’s a Wonderful Life as my previous cat was named from that movie aswell – ZuZu after the young daughter so I decided to keep the theme…. Oreo is black and white and when I saw him it suited him cos he’s a little kooky… Get it…?
  13. I lose lip balms within a few days of having them. I’ve had one for a week just now and thats a record.20190206_1948384646093224550197976.jpg
  14. My favourite songs are Bobby Darin’s “Mack the Knife”, Barenaked Ladies “One Week” and Queen’s “Somebody to Love” but I also l LOVE Frank Sinatra.
  15. Until about two years ago I didn’t drink alcohol… AT ALL.
  16. The first gin I tried was Gin Bothy Gunshot… The first “ginny gin” I tried was Marylebone.
  17. The first beer I properly tried and enjoyed was Staropramen.
  18. I have surprisingly fast feet.

Maybe you cared enough to read this… Maybe you could think of a thousand other things you’d rather have done and now wish you could get these five minutes back or maaaaaaybe you enjoyed the read and found it interesting or at the very least not entirely boring and were glad to find out that I didn’t like peppers… But I had them for tea tonight so fear not… I’m mostly over that now.

Thanks for following me on social media if thats how you got here… If it’s not then blast your happiness through the roof via the links below and go give me a follow… I have a good blog post incoming but, like I said, I’m having to keep doing re-writes as the tone isn’t right… Please see fact 9!

My Amazing Twitter

My Life Through The Lens that is Instagram


Nic x

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