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Happy belated New Year!

I truly hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and New Year and that any resolutions (with the exception of dry January!!) are going well!

I just wanted to kick off with a very quick post about my intentions for the blog in the coming twelve months.

I’m looking to include more reviews either of items I have recently tried or as kind of “job lot” type reviews ie a load of tonics I’ve gathered (which I anticipate I will have gathered, drank and written up hopefully by mid-late February).

What I think is really important and what I really want to stress is that these reviews will include honest feedback.  If I like it I’ll tell you and if I don’t like it then that’ll be in there too.  However it’s also important that you know why I like or dislike the product and I’ll be including an indepth look at the reasons for the review provided.

The honest review will be there irrespective of whether I have paid for the item or whether it has been provided by the brand/distiller/manufacturer free of charge for the purpose of the review.  I’d like to think that this will allow you as a consumer to have an unbiased look at the products and then make an informed decision as to whether it is for you.

It is important to remember that any review is based on personal tastes and preferences and, where supply allows, I’ll be giving the reviewed items to others to try who may have different tastes and palates to my own in an effort to give you a wider spectrum of opinion.  Their opinions will also be featured in the review and it’ll be made clear when I’m using opinions that are not my own.

For example I’m compiling a review of a new Scottish gin with a twist at the moment where myself and my partner tried it and had very different opinions on it…  The reasons for this will, as promised, be clearly explained.

I’d also like to mention that the reviews won’t include a score or anything traditional in that sense and will be more an overview about its taste etc with some information about the product included.

So, with that all being said, I hope the reviews go down well and that the honesty is appreciated and that it, at least, means that those who’s products are being reviewed will be more chuffed when the review is good as they know it’s not just someone blowing smoke up their arse…  Pardon my French!

I’ll also be throwing a bit of positivity out there soon as I write up some of my favourite newer (or new to me anyway) gins that I tried last year so stay tuned for that.

Anyway thanks for reading this and the first review is already done…  Spoiler alert its gin subscription boxes.

For the most up-to-date info about what I’m drinking check out my social media (links below open in new windows):

Gin and Beer Twitter

Gin and Beer Instagram


Much love

Nic x


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