GINVENT: 10th – 12th December 2018


Osmoz Citrus with Double Dutch Pomegranate and Basil Tonic

The thing that always struck me as unusual about Osmoz gin was the fact that its a graoe base spirit… Then you find out its distilled in Cognac and suddenly it makes perfect sense!

It seems that the reason this gin came to be was because the creators were being asked about what they were doing with their copper stills between cognac distillations and, in order to make use of them, they decided to make gin. Specifically a gin that had a story and a piece of their locality in it.

This is probably one of my favourite gins from the Craft Gin Club and one I always enjoy. I generally have it with a light tonic and garnished with basil and strawberry as recommended… I kept the garnish the same but used Double Dutch pomegranate and basil tonic. I can’t say that I enjoyed this as much as I do with the light tonic and I also can’t say that I’d have it again. I felt that the pomegranate took away some of the freshness from the gin… Probably my least favourite combo of the GinVent so far.

Garnish – strawberries and basil

Country of oriGIN – France

RRP – £39.95 approx

ABV – 46%

G&T Score – 4/10



Batch Frankincense and Myrrh Christmas Edition with Ledgers Cinammon Tonic

Breaking out the first Christmas gin for the event and it’s the first Christmas gin I ever had. Another Craft Gin Club entry and it’s one that I didn’t really get to enjoy last year as I wasn’t feeling too hot over the Christmas period… And, given it’s a Christmas gin I never touched it after the period was finished… Until now!

Batch started off as a dream to brew beer, an internet search for a recipe and basement distillery. Those days long behind them Batch have grown into a multi award winning company firing out new and interesting gins you literally won’t find anyone else brave enough to try!

Botanicals in Batch’s Christmas gin include;

Frankincense and Myrrh, orange peel, allspice berries, cardamon, nutmeg and juniper.

When drinking this you notice the spice very subtly… Its a lovely lovely gin. I garnished it with the Christmassy-est tonic I could find which was the Double Dutch Spices and Oakwood tonic which has just recently come out and is limited edition. This was a nice combo… It felt very festive and full of the flavours you’d associate with the period. It also had that natural warmth from the spice.

A lovely combo.

Garnish – orange peel and cinnamon sticks

Country of oriGIN – Burnley, UK

RRP – £40 approx

ABV – 40%

G&T Score – 8/10



Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla with Double Dutch Limited Edition Spices & Oakwood Tonic

This is me heading towards the Scottish Gin portion of the GINVENT. Tanqueray originally hails from London but is now produced in Scotland under the Diageo company.

Charles Tanqueray initially distilled his stunning London dry gin in 1830 in London. When he died in 1868 his son inherited the distillery and continued to produce the gin until the place was badly damaged during the second World War.

Tanqueray has its largest market in the States closely followed by southern Europe.

An interesting fact about Tanqueray 10 is that its the only gin to be inducted to the San Francisco World Spirits Hall of Fame and I believe that is because the gin kept winning the best gin award (I think it won for a good few years)… eventually I think the guys in charge got fed up with them running away with the victories that they came up with the trade of “we’ll stick you in the hall of fame in the understanding that you never ever ever enter the competition again”… or something like that.

I’ve tried a few flavoured gins in my time (she says like some kinda expert/alcoholic) and for the most part I enjoy them well enough but not to the point where I’d buy them. Tanqeray Flor De Sevilla is a little different… It’s full of flavour without going into that really sweet way I find that some fruity gins tend to head towards.

I also think that with these gins its very very important to be aware of the core gin flavour in order to pair it properly. I know people that paired orange gins with orange tonics and, for me, it takes it into a world where its just too sweet and too orangey… Not for me at all.

So I started pairing it with cinnamon tonic which is, quite frankly, stunning. I then saw that Double Dutch have a limited edition (probably because its Christmas) spice and oakwood tonic which I figured I’d marry up with the Sevilla instead.

It works… What more can I say? I think the way forward with these orange gins is definitely a spiced tonic… Especially at this time in the year. The fruitiness of the orange is perfectly complimented by the warmth of the spices.

Please try this.

Garnish – cinnamon stick

Country of oriGIN – London, England (produced in Scotland)

RRP – £20 approx

ABV – 41.3%

G&T Score – 8/10


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