This Week In Gin & Beer

Another week goes by and more stories emerge, more ginny and beery products turn up. I’m enjoying seeing all the fab new products coming out… Especially the Christmas gins and beers…  Which is what I’m focusing on, for the most part, in this blog this week.

To put you in the picture I am Christmas daft… Like almost entirely nutty for the whole season… The food, the drinks, the music, the movies, the decorations, the gifts… The LOT.

So let’s kick off this weeks Week in Gin & Beer post with a Christmas flavoured gin liqueur… Or at least its the latest one to rock up to the shelves. Lidl have launched their newest liqueur to their Hortus gin range – Ginger Spiced Liqueur. It’s priced at £9.99 and sits comfortably in at 20% ABV.


Lidl have also prepared a cocktail suggestion for those that pick the liqueur up:

40ml Hortus gin liqueur

15ml Espresso

Single Cream

Cocoa to dust

Combine the liquid ingredients with ice and shake, strain into a glass (a Martini one if you’re swanky and anything that’ll contain the liquid long enough to drink it if you’re not!) and then garnish with the cocoa.

Next up is another gingery type drink… This time it’s from the guys at the Gin Bothy… They’ve created a gingerbread gin liqueur. Again, this one comes in at 20% ABV, is a 50cl bottle and comes in approx £26.  Gin Bothy have suggested a few ways to enjoy this… Neat on ice, with cranberry or with ginger ale… I imagine all three to be delicious in their own way!  Having had a few Gin Bothy gins and having loved them all, I can fully appreciate this will likely be pretty good.


Some beer related Christmas fun includes the fact that Budweiser will personalise a bottle of their beer for the one you love…  This comes in at £14.99 and you can arrange it through their website…  A simple idea and a bit of fun if you have the cash to splurge.  It’s a 660ml bottle you get and it comes with the person’s name and a little message.

Some actual Christmas beers that I’ve seen that have caught my eye include Gipsy Hill’s Blitzen which is a IPA sour beer sitting at 3.5%,  Tiny Rebel’s Sloe Gin and Juice which is another IPA but this time it’s geared around the wonderfully festive sloe gin.  Sitting at 4.5% this is likely to be an interesting tipple.

Brewdog have also entered the market again this year with some of their Christmas beers.  Mistletoe Mafia and Get Out Claus appear to have been launched in their 12 beers of Christmas pack.  Get Out Claus is an 8.2% Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout with the usual chocolate and coffee flavour you’d expect but with the more festive additions of cinnamon and vanilla and it finishes off with, and I quote, “a festive cloven-hoofed habanero drop-kick to the throat”….


Mistletoe Mafia is 4.5% and a Vienna amber lager.  I would honestly love to try this.  If you follow my social media you’ll know I’ve really fell hard for lager this year and I’m yet to find a fault with any lager that Brewdog launches.  Unfortunately for me, Brewdog don’t seem to be selling this outwith their 12 beers of Christmas.  The thing with that pack is for 12 beers it’s pretty expensive…  But the thing that makes it even less likely that I’ll pick it up is the fact that one of the beers is their low ABV Raspberry Blitz which i think is a bit of a poor addition on Brewdog’s part…

Other Brewdog Christmassy beers include the return of Hoppy Christmas which, I’m sure, was out last year.  A 7.2% IPA filled with citrus , papaya and pineapple…  If memory serves it was actually pretty decent.  Finally we have the Christmas Ten Ton Truck…  This is a 13.4% stout which has had a few incarnations via their Fanzine packs….  I’m not a stout fan but what I’ve read about the various versions of this is that it generally is well received and this one seems to be following suit.


In a delicious combo platter of ginny beery goodness Fierce Beer have launched a gin!!  Wonderful!!!  No 1 Gin launched this week from the Scottish brewer and has got quite a few people quite excited…  Myself included!  I’ve tried a couple of their beers and enjoyed them a great deal so I am quite keen to get my hands on this to give it a try and likely a review as well.

Using 9 botanicals which they’ve chosen in the hope of portraying Fierce into a spirit form.  It sounds like the kind of gin I will like given I generally enjoy citrus based gins…  Any gins really…  But this is basically described as juniper in the back and citrus in the front… Recommended served with lime and mixed with tonic.  A healthy 42% ABV.  You can pick up your 70cl bottle direct with Fierce online – – for £30.


Also in my personal news this week was the receipt of the latest Craft Gin Club box…  I think I’ll give you a more complete run down of that in another blog given how much the box contained…  So keep any eye out for that coming soon.

A non-Christmas piece of news is that The Garden Shed Drinks Company announced that, to celebrate the anniversary of the launch of their original gin, on December 20th they will unleash a new limited edition gin which they have described as “an aged gin with a twist”.  They haven’t said much more about it so keep an eye on their social media or here for further announcements.


Finally gins and beers I’ve been enjoying this week are –

Manchester Gin Raspberry Gin, Tarquins Christmas Gin, Brewdog Cybernaut, Estrella Damm and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

So that’s it for another week in gin and beer team…  I hope you’ve enjoyed my little tit bits of news and info.

As always please feel free to provide feedback as it’s the only way to improve the blog…  Please share as I do put a lot of work into these and I’d love them to reach as many people as possible.

Same time next week?


Much love

Nic x


Photo Credits from top to bottom:

Gin Bothy



The Garden Shed Company

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